Duchess Met Her Humans


Duchess had a lovely time meeting her new human family. She was thrilled to snuggle up to them and get an idea of what they will be like. She said was totally happy and thinks she’s going to like living with them. She now has her own blanket too and will start having some blanket time from tomorrow. Dixie had a lovely hour snuggled into her blankets this afternoon. She said she could have stayed there all day, but of course she’d have missed out on all the play if she had.

sticking a tongue out for the camera
sticking a tongue out for the camera

Today the puppies had by far the longest time playing that they have had. They were awake for about three quarters of an hour after lunch and completely wore themselves out. Our Mistress says  they are really starting to grow up. They are having periods of sleeping really heavily interspersed with chasing each other madly and playing, and of course eating. Little by little they are moving over to puppy food, but it’s a slow process.

The cow shed is being taken out when they are unsupervised so that they don’t make it collapse when one of them is inside it. Dixie has taken to climbing on the roof too so our Mistress wants to be able to keep an eye on her.

They have another fresh piece of grass, but the rate it’s going it won’t last long. Particularly

sleeping on the grass
sleeping on the grass

as they all decided to sleep on it!

Today’s video of the puppies eating – once again interrupted by Aristotle is HERE

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