Wednesday 28th October 2015 – Demolition squad

Demolition Squad
Demolition Squad

The puppies have formed a demolition squad and attacked the cow shed. Fortunately it is not terminal, but our Mistress does have some concerns about leaving them with access to it when she is not there to supervise. They have also reached the stage of squealing when one or other pulls a tail too hard or an ear. It is an ear-splitting pitch. It’s far worse than any of the noises on the cd our Mistress has to get them used to noises!

They have also reached the stage of lots of poo. The only good thing is that it is well formed and, as long as they haven’t run through it, relatively easy to clean up. This is the point at which our Mistress does the calculation of [number of puppies x number of meals per day x number of days until they leave home] to work out exactly how many lots of poo she has left to clear up. It’s not so bad when they do it in an easily accessible place, but they are also at the stage or marauding when she enters the pen, so she does so at her own risk. D’Artagnan has at least a couple of times used the grass, but sadly the grass is not faring well. It is looking rather sorry for itself and our Mistress thinks she needs to change it for another piece to let this one recover. At this rate she is going to have to get another roll of grass as at this time of year it does not recover quickly enough.

Chirpy puppies at 3am
Chirpy puppies at 3am

This photo is to show you how disconcertingly cheery the pups can be at 3.15am. It’s been a long night!

Average weight gains were 100g. D’Artagnan added 90g to make 3690g. Della added 135g to reach 3535g. Duchess added 120g to reach 3180g and Dixie was a little slower adding 65g to reach 2970g. It looks as though tomorrow they will all pass the 3kg mark!

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