Della has met her humans

Shadow's ordeal

Della was the last of the puppies to meet her family and was glad to know someone wants her too. She was very happy having lots of cuddles and getting to know them. Something tells me she is going to be a very spoilt little puppy but she says she won’t let it go to her head. She has spent the morning hiding under a blanket and then while Duchess was having blanket time

she used elephant as a pillow. Butter would not melt in her mouth. That is unless you watch the video… Della is the one climbing on the roof of the cow

Della with elephant
Della with elephant

shed! You can watch the video HERE – when you watch it, almost all the activity is in and around the cow shed!

Our Mistress has been digging up some more of the vegetables and I have to say that the parsnips seem

to have been taken over by aliens!

Anyway, the pups have gone to 4 meals a day today and have eating very well when it has been mealtime. Our Mistress is now hoping that they will settle into a routine which will take them through to when they go to their new homes which is only another three weeks and a day or two away.

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