Thursday 29th October 2015 – Perfect Puppies

Topping and tailing

These puppies are amazing. Yesterday they started playing much more vigorously during the day and then last night they said they’d like to sleep through. As simply as that. They ate at 10pm, played for half an hour and had a good drink from the water fountain and were all tucked up by 10.45 as were we. Our Mistress woke up when she heard one of them call and dragged herself out of bed thinking it must be 3am, only to find it was ten past six and that we’d all had a relatively good sleep. It got even better when she went to check the pen. She assumed there would be loads of poo to clear up and if they had been awake in the night they would have managed to run through it and make an awful mess. They are amazing. All but one poo was on the grass and the one that wasn’t had only just missed. Clearing up was easy and because they are all doing so well and it was well formed, and had not been run through, the office didn’t smell too bad either. They are perfect. Of course they may prefer not to sleep in a pile on the grass today, but that’s a separate issue. Our Mistress needs to try to get some more grass as a matter of some urgency as she keeps having to replace the piece and it isn’t recovering quickly enough to reuse it yet. It’s either that or she’s going to have to start digging up the garden!

Della and the candy cane
Della and the candy cane

This lovely photos was actually taken last night. Della had moved a little from the really cute position she had taken up lying along the candy cane. This one will bring back memories for Basil because that was his trick. Anyway, then Duchess asked if she could come out for a cuddle with our Master and she looked so incredibly cute. I think she was jealous because Dixie had just been having a cuddle with our Mistress.

Everybody gained a little weight, despite missing a meal. Our Mistress is waiting to see what time they want the next meal. Whether they only want 4 meals a day now or whether they want them more frequently during the day. Anyway, they are all over 3kg. Dixie added 55g to reach 3025g. Duchess assed 50g to reach 3230g, Della added 45g to reach 3580g and D’Artagnan added 40g to reach 3730g.

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