Friday 30th October 2015 – Puppy Revenge

D’Artagnan on the roof

The puppies would like it known they are not perfect and do know how to be naughty. Any suggestion that they are getting the hang of things and making life easy will be vehemently denied and rewarded with the maximum possible disruption.  They pooed everywhere! Except D’Artagnan who quietly said to me that he is happy to be thought of as perfect, but daren’t say that in front of the girls who already use him as a pillow at every opportunity. I was completely taken in by what he said until I found him trying to sleep on the cow shed and utterly collapsing it so no one else could use it. Mind you, in his defence he did say that was the only place he could guarantee not being bottom of a pile of sleeping dogs. With regards to the poo, first they managed to have an incident in the play area, resulting in some rather unpleasant play and an extra load of washing of bedding and toys. Then overnight they had an incident in the whelping box and presented out Mistress with a ghastly scene and smell this morning.

Talking of morning, they did not sleep through until 6! This morning they woke at 5 and shouted they wanted feeding. Our Mistress is not such a soft touch as she was with the puppies at the start and simply called back to them that they would be settling into a routine whether they liked it or not and that breakfast would be at 6.15 and not a minute before. She can be hard like that. The puppies tried arguing, but in the end what can they actually do about it? It’s not as though they can get it themselves and you can’t trust Aristotle with food. You would think that Shadow would show some concern, but she’s a harder nut to crack than our Mistress. She has to be dragged out of bed to feed them even when they depend on her entirely!

I can report they are now happily full and sleeping peacefully. I’ve been putting all the photos together so you can find them easily. You can find them HERE. I’ll try to remember to update it now as we go along.

As to weights, D’Artagnan is now 3910g. He added 180g since yesterday. Della is trying to catch him up. She weighs 3805g having added an amazing 225g. Duchess and Dixie are being more sensible Duchess added115g and is now 3345g and Dixie added 105g and is now 3130g.

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