Grass Crisis

Dixie and D'Artagnan
Dixie and D’Artagnan

The previous pieces of grass are not recovering well. The piece that is in there is the third piece and really it needs replacing. We have enough new grass for one or at most two new trays (if we make a jigsaw of the cut off bits) – there are three weeks to go. The conclusion is that we need more grass. The problem is that nowhere has grass at this time of year. The only remaining option seems to be to dig up the garden. Our Mistress was planning to extend the herb garden and was still deciding how much by. The decision seems to have been made. It will be widened by one litter tray width, starting fairly soon!

I made a mistake a couple of days ago. I showed you a picture of Duchess having blanket time and told you it was Della. It wasn’t it was Duchess. The wrong dog didn’t get the wrong blanket, I got the wrong dog! The puppies are all happy and I’ve gone back and corrected the entry

Della having blanket time
Della having blanket time

and the caption.

Today Duchess and Dixie were given an extra milk ration so they can keep pace with Della and D’Artagnan. They will have a little extra at each of their meals today and then our Mistress will see how they are doing tomorrow. They only get it at the very end of the meal after the puppy food and their Mum.

Today’s pictures are a lovely one of Dixie and D’Artagnan cuddling up together and one of Della spending time with her blanket.

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