Saturday 31st October 2015 – Five Weeks Old


Another day another poofest! Oh can puppies poo. It’s hard to believe I was ever like that, although I am assured I was. They are now the age I was when I first met our Master and Mistress nearly ten years ago. It’s funny when you think of the bond between me and my Mistress to think it was my Master who fell in love with me at first sight. My Mistress was cuddling my brother and thought he was the one. Then she looked at the look on my Master’s face and I was immediately the choice. Our Mum was there saying she approved so everyone was happy. I can’t wait to see my original human mum next month. Sadly my birth mum is no longer with us, but I shall see where I was born again and from a distance say ‘Hi’ to my sister Esther. She’s never liked me. I can’t quite put my paw on why, but it goes right back to puppy hood. Anyway, enough reminiscing. These pups do like each other and all play very nicely together. They are playing for a lot longer now which makes finding times to weigh them much more difficult as if they aren’t sleepy they walk off the scales. Most breeders don’t seem to weigh them every day right through but I think our Mistress rather enjoys it and it does mean she knows exactly what progress they are making.

Stretching out

She didn’t have any heating on overnight last night and they were quite happy. She’s going to open a window later to get some fresh air in – and the poo smell out! She’s also going to bring them a new piece of grass. She is going to move them from the starter food onto the main puppy food now too as she thinks they may be finding the starter one a bit too rich.

The picture is either Duchess or Dixie our Mistress wasn’t sure which making herself very comfortable for a sleep.

Unsurprisingly D’Artagnan is the first pup to pass 4kg. He is now 4080g up by 170g since yesterday. Della is not far behind, she weighs 3950g having added 145g. Duchess now weighs 3500g having added 155g and little Dixie weighs 3280g having added 150g.

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