What games can they play?

Shadow has negotiated with our Mistress having started from ‘I will not go in to feed those pups ever again’ and has been persuaded into a phased withdrawal. She did not feed them at their teatime feed today but did do the other three. She’ll do the same tomorrow and then Tuesday will only go in twice and by Thursday only at supper time. By the end of the week they will be fully weaned and Shadow can start to get her figure back.

The puppies have asked for some more taxing toys to play with. This litter are ahead of past ones in many ways and want something new to do. The video (HERE) shows their last attempts to play with the cow shed. It has been taken away for washing and repair and unfortunately

Della and Aristotle
Della and Aristotle

is unlikely to be given back as they can’t behave themselves with it. They love the grass and really want to play on it, but that isn’t really what we were trying to achieve. Do feel free to use comments of email to send us suggestions of things they can do as the puppies would be grateful for ideas. Having said that they did send much of this afternoon asleep and our Mistress thinks they have been having another growing day. Della had a nice time playing with our Master and meeting Aristotle. Della is also excited to here that she is going to have her own cuddly elephant when she goes to her humans’ home in three weeks.

Dixie had a lovely sleep in her blankets and was really enjoying snuggling into them.

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