A much better day


The day slowly improved. The puppies have been very tired but they have eaten their meals and gradually their tummies seem to be improving. There is a video as I thought you would like to see them tucking into tea, just to show they are happy hungry puppies again. You can see it HERE. Once it was clear there wasn’t going to be a dreadful mess they all took turns to come out for a nice long cuddle with either our Master or Mistress. None of them has had blanket time until our Mistress was sure there would be no accidents. Now that the coast seems

Topping and tailing
Topping and tailing

clear then Della and Duchess are hoping to have a little time with their blankets this evening after tea. Two of them were being very cute sleeping on the grass earlier. You will be pleased to know they had not had their upset tums there, but chose the privacy of the whelping box for that. Our Mistress had to take the bedding out of it until things improved and as you can imagine the washing machine has been going for much of the day.

But for the excitement of the night I was going to say what a big month it is going to be. I shall be ten in just another couple of weeks. Then grandpa will be 90 very soon afterwards and on top of all that the puppies leave for their new homes and then we get to collect Wilma. It’s all very exciting. My present is the trip to Switzerland which will give me some quality time with our Mistress. I’m going to need it once this is over.

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