Sunday 1st November 2015 – A Very Long Night

The puppies all had upset tums last night, with the exception we think of D’Artagnan. We don’t think they are ill, we think it was just that our Mistress tried to change their food too quickly. They are moving from puppy starter to the Eukanuba 1 – 12 month puppy food. To say the pen was a mess would be putting it mildly and the smell… Anyway, our Mistress went into action quickly and cleaned up and put all the bedding through the wash. She then changed their food back to a milky mix with baby food just to make sure they all had some food in their tummies when they went to bed and then she got up at 1am to check on them and do any cleaning up. Then at 3.30 for cleaning up and to give them a little meal. Then 5am just to check they were doing ok. Then slept to 7.20. You can imagine how she’s feeling this morning. There are still some runny tummies but with the exception of one,


they are improving. She thinks it’s Della that is still not so bright but she’s ok in herself as you can see from this photo. They are all playing and eating a little so we don’t think there is anything to be concerned about. They will stay on a more milky mix today to try to right the situation and then start moving onto puppy food more fully tomorrow with a slower transition to the new one. It may mean there is no video later but it will depend on how they are.

There was a big firework display not far from us last night but they’ve been listening to fireworks all week so we don’t think that had anything to do with it.

We are pleased to say that despite the ‘situation’ all the puppies have gained weight. D’Artagnan is now 4240g having added 160g. Duchess added 150g to reach 3650g. Theirs were the biggest gains so we think it’s probably the other two who are the culprits. Della added 80g so is now 4030g and Dixie added 60g and is now 3340g. Hopefully by the end of the day they will all be back to normal.

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