Tuesday 3rd November 2015 – Superstar pups

Puppies coming to say good morning

The puppies have been receiving fan mail from all over the world, many of them asking whether they would like to go and live with the writer. They say they are very flattered and aren’t going to let any of it go to their pretty little heads.

Their tummies were fine after being wormed yesterday so our Mistress is now trying to phase them on to regular puppy food. She will increase the ratio of regular puppy to puppy starter over a few days and hopefully all will be sorted fairly soon. The problem is that Dixie still wants more milk and our Mistress is finding it very distressing trying to work with the sound of Dixie trying to extract milk from D’Artagnan. As yet he has not complained, but our Mistress seems to think it is in poor taste. She may give Dixie a little milk in a bowl to try to discourage it, after the meals where Shadow doesn’t go in to give them any now.

Dixie being weighed
Dixie being weighed

The egg box has been totally destroyed but the good news is that our Mistress has another. The grass is now a mud bath and will be replaced again today too.

Weight gains were steady but still all the right way. Duchess added 65g and is now 3840g. Della added 35g and is now 4195g. Dixie added 60g and is now 3530g and D’Artagnan added 80g and is now 4430g.

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