Wednesday 4th November 2015 – Growing up fast

What is Della thinking?
Waiting for breakfast
Waiting for breakfast

The puppies are really growing up fast. Our mistress says she’d like to spend the day in the pen with them just playing or at least she did until they left large amounts of poo everywhere! Thank you for all your lovely comments about wanting more posts and not reducing the number I’m doing. Of course, they are outweighed today by the fact that we have computer problems which means I’m struggling to do any. Our Mistress got up at 5.30 fully planning to get a headstart on the day. By 8.30 her computer would still not connect to the internet and she has no idea what to do next so I’m using a different one to do this. She is hoping to get things sorted later, but it has really set the day back.

Dixie is looking forward to seeing her humans later today. She is thrilled that she’s getting another visit. She’s too lovely to boast to the other puppies, she’s just sitting there eagerly waiting.

The weights are very varied today. Their tummies are not great and they just don’t seem to be adapting to ordinary puppy food. Dixie has put no weight on at all and as I write this is tucking into a bowl of milk. She still weighs 3930g. Duchess added 60g and is now 3900g. Della did well and is is now 4365 having added 170g. D’Artagnan added just 55g to reach 4485g.


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