Thursday 5th November 2015 – Fireworks

Duchess collar selfie

The puppies are all ready for bonfire night tonight. They have been listening to the sounds of fireworks for the last couple of weeks so in their head the most likely thought will be ‘food’. That’s because we play the cd to them at meal times when they are happy and content. While we are on the subject of food we think we have got to the bottom of the problem of their change of food. It turns out that even our dry dog food can go off and that seems to be what has happened. At least that is the conclusion our Mistress has reached. She is off to the tip later with a whole load of dog food and the nice delivery man will arrive with a completely fresh bag for the puppies to try.

All snuggled up
All snuggled up

Dixie spent yesterday being pampered and given whatever she chose to eat. Silly puppy wasn’t at all demanding. When I suggested finest steak she said she didn’t think she was quite ready for it. I pointed out that I could have helped but she said that she was just as happy with baby food and a milky mix of the puppy starter. Oh and as much milk as Shadow would let her have. We’re looking forward to seeing what she weighs this morning. Shadow is only going in to eat at every other meal for the others, so Dixie had extra time with her on the settee for the other meals. Dixie seemed to quite like the arrangement, although Shadow was less keen. Given that she also had a visit from her humans Dixie was a very happy little puppy by the end of the day.

All seemed to be going well until our Mistress got up this morning to find they had all had upset stomachs overnight. She’s at a loss to know what to do. None of them seem ill. It is just that something is still disturbing them. They had seemed to be improving yesterday afternoon. She will monitor them carefully today and may get them all some probiotics to see if that will settle them. Duchess is the one who seems worse than the rest so she may go to be checked by the vet to be on the safe side. She wasn’t so unwell that she couldn’t pounce on her sister so that’s a good sign.

It’s such a tough call as all the weight gains are good. Duchess added 110g so she is now 4010g and that was after the upset tum. Della added 125g and is now 4490g. D’Artagnan added 150g and is now 4635g and Dixie had a very good day. She added 200g and is now up to 3730g. Dixie wasn’t given extra milk this morning but she will get an extra lot later.

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  1. It is very scary with all the pet food recalls. Even high end expensive foods have run into trouble at times in North Anerica. Best wishes to the young puppies and overcoming their stomach problems.

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