Friday 6th November 2015 – Irony

A little snack before breakfast

Ironically there were no fireworks around us last night. Now to be fair there was a big display last Saturday not far from here, so the puppies did get to hear the real thing, but Ari wanted to watch them again and was very disappointed. He has asked if I think there will be any tonight or tomorrow and I’ve told him that I really have no idea. He said maybe he’ll just sit and listen to the cd with the puppies and try to imagine them.

The puppies tummies are slowly improving. They were doing better last night but are not

so good this morning. I think the top up doses of probiotics should do the trick. They say they don’t feel unwell and are as vigorous as ever so that’s good news. They have licked their bowls clean for the last couple of meals too, which is always a good sign. Shadow will only feed them tonight for supper. They aren’t impressed but there is nothing they can do about it. Our Mistress hasn’t weighed them yet, she says depending on the outcome there might be the odd top up feed, but she really wants them to stop having

Puppies coming to say good morning
Puppies coming to say good morning

Shadow’s milk tomorrow, as much so Shadow has dried up before going into kennels as anything.

There are now only two weeks until the first two puppies leave. Once Shadow stops going into the pen our Mistress needs to devise a higher gate that they cannot climb over. All previous attempts using string or electrical tape have failed, so I shall be interested to see what she comes up with this year. It’s only when she has to open the main gate to go in to take food or clean up. She may just lift the pups out into the other pen before she goes in to make it easier.

The pups are going to choose their collar colour later today and try them on. It will get them used to having something round their necks before their new humans give them their own collars.

As for the weight gains – well they are all doing well. D’Artagnan is still the biggest, but you would expect that. He is now 4800g an increase of 165g on yesterday. Della is not that far behind. She is now 4655g an increase of 165g as well. Duchess is 4160g an increase of 150g and Dixie is 3825g an increase of 95g. Dixie didn’t get extra milk at breakfast but she will be given an opportunity to top up at lunch and may get a head start tonight.

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