Saturday 7th November 2015 – 6 weeks old

Morning all, it’s Ari here. Today my brother and sisters are six weeks old. Oh and if anyone knows where my sister Cinders (from mum’s last litter) has put her human’s other slipper then she’d be really grateful to know! Anyway, back to

What is Della thinking?
What is Della thinking?

the pups. It’s been the first week I’ve really wanted to spend time with them. When I was younger I spent more time around them when they were very small, but somehow now I’m a bit older they scare me! Maybe it’s because they seem so fragile compared to me or maybe it’s because my Mum can be quite scary when she’s being protective. Anyway, now when they are out of the pen with our Mistress I tend to come and have a good sniff and introduce myself as their big brother. It’s kind of cool being a big brother. Hopefully when we see each other at Fun Days they will want to follow me everywhere!

Duchess looking beautiful
Duchess looking beautiful

The puppies’ tummies still seem to be improving. They have had their final dose of probiotic and their new food arrived yesterday so we are hoping within a day or two now they will be completely ok. They are getting big and strong enough to demolish everything. They knocked the water feeder over last night which made an awful mess and are busy digging up the grass as I write this. As well as rearranging the vet bed. They have eaten quite a lot over the last twenty-four hours so it is going to be interesting in a minute to find out what they weigh. I have to wait for that bit until they stop running round and are a bit quieter. If our Mistress weighs them when they are moving this much, they just walk off the scales!

They have been trying to plant the Christmas tree in the grass. Whilst the idea is a good

one, I don’t think there is enough depth of soil for it to grow, although our Mistress thinks that might be the least of the problems!

Mum’s fed up as she won’t get any more Fit and Fertile after the lot she had this morning. Not ever. I don’t think it’s actually that bit she likes but the yoghurt it’s mixed with. Our Mistress says as she has some spare yoghurt we can have a little on our breakfast over the next few days. Mum says she’s not so bothered about stopping the calcium, that’s not so exciting. Never mind Pavlov it should be Torfheide Dogs. We only have to hear the sound of a teaspoon and a saucer to go running in case it’s Fit and Fertile time! Ok so in some houses we might be disappointed regularly, but our Mistress is a mug person and only really uses saucers for that. If anyone posh came to visit they might get a surprise if they went to stir their tea and found three dogs come running.

Weights are all good. D’Artagnan was the one doing all the eating. He added 160g and is now 4960g. Della is 4730g having added 75g. Duchess is 4290g having added 130g and Dixie added 75g to reach 3900g, which means her brother is now a whole kilo more than she is, be she adores him and he’s very gentle and doesn’t throw his weight around.

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