Sunday 8th November 2015 – Counting Down to Leaving

Puppies coming to say good morning

This is the bit we don’t enjoy as the countdown to the puppies leaving begins. The puppies are utterly lovely and our Mistress is enjoying every minute of taking care of them. She was supposed to be out yesterday and she did go, having left the puppies in very good care. However half way through the day she reappeared. She said she was sitting there thinking she’d only got the puppies for two more weeks so why was she not with them when she could be? We were all delighted to see her home as of course were the puppies.

Their play is getting ever more vigorous. The video was taken first thing this morning and shows them playing. They start by rearranging the bedding but then two of them start playing hide and seek either side of the whelping box. As I am writing this they have all finished their breakfast but are still playing madly and our Mistress is wondering if they will settle down in time to be weighed. Some of them are about over their poorly tummies, so they are feeling great and the clearing up is not so bad. The others are improving. You can see the video HERE

Aristotle offering to help with Dixie's extra feed
Aristotle offering to help with Dixie’s extra feed

Duchess and D’Artagnan had their first television experience yesterday. When we went into the lounge in the evening to watch a Harry Potter film, D’Artagnan cuddled up in his blanket on our Master’s knee and Duchess did the same with hers on Andy’s knee. Our Mistress had me and Alfie, although to be fair I was more interested in what my brother and sister were doing. They only sat still for about twenty minutes before having to be taken back, but I think they enjoyed it. They didn’t see a lot of the film and Mum was frustrated that she wasn’t allowed to wash them.

They do all seem to have found their voices and our Mistress is quite convinced they are barking more than other litters have at this stage. When they do it too much they are being told off and she is explaining to them that no one likes barky dogs. Mostly they are ganging up on D’Artagnan but the funny thing is he seems to enjoy it.

Mum is frustrated because she won’t get to feed them anymore. I’ve offered to be her substitute but strangely she said that was quite the point and in any case our Mistress wants Mum’s milk to dry up.

Weight gains were good. D’Artagnan has passed 5kg! He now weighs 5130g an increase of 170g. Della is not that far behind. She weighs 4950g having added 220g! Duchess added 120g and is now 4410g and Dixie added 185g and is now 4085g.

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