Tuesday 10th November 2015 – Off to the vet


It’s me who is off to the vet today, but nothing to worry about. I’m going to have my microchip checked ready for my trip to Switzerland and I have to have my quarterly blood test to make sure my medication is not having any ill effect. It’s difficult as my blood comes out really slowly so it can take a while, but I’ll try to be a brave dog. Ari was brave for his kennel cough vaccination the other day so I can’t be seen to be too wimpy after that. It will be the puppies’ turn tomorrow when they go to have their microchips. Theirs is much bigger job for our Mistress as they can’t just walk out to get into the car and will have to go in the big crate. When you think that between them they now weigh around 20kg that’s quite a big job to undertake.

Duchess’s tummy seems much better even from one more dose of probiotic. Our Mistress was delighted yesterday to find the toys stayed largely clean and she didn’t have to keep washing bedding. Moving them onto the normal puppy food hasn’t been a problem now that the food is ok so all in all they are happy.

A little snack before breakfast
A little snack before breakfast

When our Mistress opens the gate to the pen it’s really funny as the puppies tend to jump up and flop out over the edge then she has to go round catching escapee puppies. Sometimes she lifts them all out first but that is quite time consuming and she keeps bruising herself leaning over the pen.

They react differently to the noises CD now than they did and take more interest. It isn’t that the noises upset them at all but this morning when the crying baby came on Della sat up immediately checking where it was coming from. I think she’s got her mother’s caring side.

Today’s video is HERE

I should tell you too that my girlfriend Bella is counting down to giving birth. She is due to have her litter on Saturday, but she’s reached the stage of not being able to face her food. We’re all thinking of you Bella and can’t wait to hear that everything has gone ok.

Now for the weights. D’artagnan is 5410g having added 75g. Della is 5250g having added90g. Duchess is 4650g having added130g and Dixie is 4250g having added 70g.

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