Wednesday 11th November 2015 – Even puppies need to sleep

All happy sleeping
All happy sleeping

The puppies looked so peaceful sleeping that they are today’s video HERE. From left to right Duchess, D’Artagnan, Della and Dixie. They had been playing very vigorously before this so I’m not surprised they were so soundly asleep when it approached their lunch time. They did all wake up in time for a good meal though.

Just as our Mistress thought she had got them all through their poorly tums, D’Artagnan started again and boy can a

puppy that size leave a lot of mess. He’s been put straight back on the probiotics and our Mistress is hoping that it is an isolated incident as the smell was dreadful! Then overnight the others joined in. Our Mistress has no idea why but as they are at the vet today she will ask for suggestions of what to do. They don’t seem to be ill. If you saw them running

round the pen right now like a pack of mad things, you really wouldn’t think there was anything wrong at all. In fact they all seem very athletic and their new humans are going to have great problems discouraging them from jumping everywhere.

They are certainly eating well this morning and ploughed their way through three and half bowls of food instead of the normal two and they are being sensible pups and drinking plenty as well. What was funny when our Mistress opened the pen door to take the food in, one of the pups climbed up and slithered over the step to escape. Then she realised what was happening and that the food would be on the inside so she climbed up and slithered back in. Ok, make that they have eaten all four, they went back for seconds or thirds!

Our Mistress with Della

I had to show you the selfie of our Mistress and Della yesterday. Della was upset because the others were asleep and she wanted to play. She doesn’t seem to need as much sleep as they rest of them. Anyway, she was sitting crying because she was so fed up and our Mistress asked if she’d like to help her do some work. Della was very good sitting on our Mistress’s knee as she tried to use the keyboard whilst still using both arms to hold Della in place.

Weights are all great. D’Artagnan is 5570g and increase of 160g. Della is 5350g an increase of 100g. Duchess is 4830g an increase of 130g and Dixie is 4390g an increase of 140g, which is a very big increase for her.

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