Thursday 12th November – What good puppies

D'Artagnan being weighed

The puppies were so well behaved at the vet. Not one of them complained at having to have a microchipping needle stuck in them. Little Dixie even wagged her tail the whole time she was there. They were all checked over and declared fit and well. Della and D’Artagnan have very small umbilical hernias thanks to Shadow cutting the cords too close and insisting on pulling the end off before they were really ready. Our Mistress has to gently rub their little tummies to ease it and it may well start to heal on its own. Our Mistress came home with enough probiotics for them all after they’d had upset tums overnight, but then they all seem to be doing ok so she is waiting to see if it is needed. Duchess has finished her course and D’Artagnan is having his – except when our Mistress tried to find D’Artagnan to give him his dose Dixie volunteered herself and our Mistress had given it before realising she’d got the wrong pup. Dixie is such a happy willing little puppy but sometimes a little too willing. D’Artagnan had his dose afterwards and our Mistress made especially sure she had the right dog.

Thankfully their problems seem to have been short lived and they are all doing well again today. However we have noticed a downside to playing them the noises CD during meal times. They now associate loud noises with being fed. Their new owners will be taking them out into towns and the pups are going to be disappointed when a meal doesn’t turn up. Our Mistress says she’s going to play the noises now at other times so it is not the same degree of association.

They are all playing tug with the toys now. Our Mistress is having to check them all carefully for damage each day. If you wonder where the candy cane has gone they were deliberately trying to bite into the middle seam so our Mistress has had to take it away. Every year some toys are destroyed and new ones arrive, but it would be a shame to lose one they all love so much when they are tiny.

Shadow is doing really well. Her milk seems to be drying up, much to Aristotle’s disappointment. She is really enjoying her walks up on the airfield but has said she rather liked going round the village too and would like to continue with that some days. Our Mistress is very happy with the arrangement.

A scene of devastation
A scene of devastation

Della is trying to overtake D’Artagnan’s weight. She added an incredible 265g to rach 5615g. Our Mistress is actually wondering about weighing her again to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. D’Artagnan added 150g and is now 5720g. Duchess added a more delicate 80g and is now 4910g and Dixie assed 150g and is now up to 4540g.

The photo shows the level of devastation which can be caused by 4 small puppies playing.

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  1. Friday morning – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Alfie. Have a great day. I hope you have lots of treats and a special hug from your Mistress. Lots of love Dickens and all the family XXXXXXX

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