Tuesday 17th November 2015 – Happy 90th birthday, Grandpa

Grandpa and Granny
Grandpa and Granny

Today is my maternal human Grandpa’s 90th birthday. He is amazing. He was even thinking of driving a 260 mile round trip in a day just to see the puppies before they go to their homes. Fortunately it’s worked out that he can come and stay for a few days so he and Granny will be arriving tomorrow. Happy birthday, Grandpa. He’s been really enjoying watching the videos of the puppies and just wishes he could have one. We will do our best to make a fuss of him and be a substitute for him having his own. Aristotle is very close to him so he’ll have a happy few days. I find Granny scratches my back in just the right spot so I’ll be happy too! This photo was taken when they all went on a steam train for lunch with him on Sunday and the other one is his birthday cake. He’s going to love the puppies and we’ve got another video of them playing madly for him to enjoy today which you can all watch HERE

The puppies were all wormed again yesterday. Poor things it totally cleared their systems out and they didn’t feel very hungry for a while. They are all absolutely fine again today and ate a hearty breakfast before the bout of play in the video. Their tummies all seem to be back to normal, so that’s good news. Friday really is looming up and our 0147ac519e0d318cd9c1a24e8cb41235aae2f23b9bMistress is trying to be strong ready for saying goodbye to them. She says she won’t miss listening to drills, trains and crowds during breakfast though! Come to that she won’t miss the office smelling of poo and having to clear up so many times a day, or the bruised ribs. She will miss their eager little faces and the endless availability of puppy cuddles. We’ve promised to do our best to make up for that last bit.

Shadow has finally decided she really likes having them around too, so she’s going to feel it when they’ve gone. I wonder if she will be prepared to mother Wilma instead.

As a result of being wormed there were no real weight gains. Duchess lost 20g and went to 5565g. Della added 10g and is 6395g. Dixie lost 25g and is 5085g and only D’Artagnan really gained adding115g to reach 6690g. That is likely to all change again today.

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