Wednesday 18th November 2015 – Granny and Grandpa are arriving

D'Artagnan (Leo)

There will be no shortage of puppy cuddles today as Granny and Grandpa will be arriving. Of course the puppies are going to have to share them with us, but I’m sure they won’t mind that. Our Mistress has had to get the bigger sized collars out for some of this litter. It’s the first time she’s ever had to do that. They have been having their collars on when they have had their blanket time so they can get more used to them quietly, away from the others. It won’t be long now before they get used to their real collars and it’s not a game anymore.

The pups are preparing themselves for their new homes. They were playing very early this morning and wanted their breakfast early. Our Mistress explained to them that their new owners would prefer them to sleep in a little but they took very little notice of her. She said she’d quite like a lie-in, but that’s not going to be happening any time soon!

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Duchess being weighed
Duchess being weighed

Little by little the soft toys have had to be removed from the pen. They pups keep using them to play tug and are leaving them in need of repair. That sort of toy is rarely up to the rigours of an 8 week old puppy, let alone four of them. The duck is a tougher wearing one, but they are not so keen on that. They still have plenty to play with but say they don’t think the ropes are nearly so good as things they can try to pull apart!

We thought they would all have gained a

D'Artagnan being weighed
D’Artagnan being weighed

lot of weight. After their lack of weight gain yesterday following worming they have eaten rather a lot. Of course they have also pooed rather a lot but you probably don’t want to know that bit! D’Artagnan is going for slightly steadier growth and added 75g to reach 6765g. Della added 210g to reach 6605g and says that will teach anyone to say she was small! Duchess added 225g and is now 5790g and even Dixie added 250g and is now 5310g. Today I think they are having a growing day as they are all fast asleep.

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