Thursday 19th November 2015 – Opening night

Duchess and D'Artagnan holding paws

Today is the opening night of the village pantomime and we’d like to wish our Master and all the rest of the cast good luck and hope that it all goes well. We don’t get to see it unfortunately but we look at the pictures and we saw what he looked like with his make up on the other day and that was scary enough for us.

Today is the last full day of the puppies all being together. It is a sad time but we are going to make the most of it. Today’s will be your last video I think so make the most of it. You can find it HERE. It’s a fun one of them playing. We might get chance to do one for tomorrow but I think it’s unlikely. Our Mistress has realised that heading off to collect Wilma the same day the last puppy leaves might have been just a little ambitious even by her standards. As long as she remembers to pack my food we’ll be fine.

D'Artagnan in his new collar
D’Artagnan in his new collar

D’Artagnan’s new collar goes rather nicely with his blanket. He looked all colour coordinated when he snuggled up yesterday.

Our Mistress also reminded me to wish the B Litter a very happy 3rd birthday. We hope that Tucker (Bossanova), Basil (Beethoven), Dickens (Bumble), Tess (Britannia) and Beija have a lovely day. We’ve already heard from Tess apparently amongst her presents she has a winter jumper. We’re hoping to get to see a picture of her wearing it!

As I write this, not only have the puppies tipped the water container over they are now trying to chew the container. Nothing is safe! The pen looks as though a tornado has hit and left untold devastation! One of the challenges is finding the toys amongst all the shredded bedding so they don’t get thrown away.

D’Artagnan is our first 7kg puppy – ever! He is now 7065g an increase of 300g on yesterday. Della is 6820g an increase of 215g. Duchess is 5895g an increase of 105g and Dixie is 5505g an increase of 195g.

Have a woofly last day together puppies. Make the most of it and have fun.

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