Friday 20th November 2015 – D Day

Duchess (Molly)

It’s D-Day – the day the D Litter start to leave us. Our Mistress is feeling very sad, but pleased to think they will be going to such lovely homes who will love them just as much as she has. Today Dixie and Della will leave, so I thought I’d bring you some


pictures we took of the two of them. Dixie is the happiest little dog I think we’ve ever known and her little tail wags almost all the time. Della is very gentle and loves to be cuddled. We think she’s going to look quite like her mother as she grows up and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Shadow is in that stage before her season when she starts getting very playful. She was driving poor Aristotle nuts yesterday. Although he’s grown up quite a lot recently it doesn’t take more than a few hormones for him to revert into puppy mode.


The pups had a good night’s sleep so are full of beans this morning. They are chasing each other round like crazy. The two that are left later are going to find it very strange only having one other pup to play with until tomorrow. At least for the other two they will have all the human fuss and attention they could dream of. It will be hard for the two who have left tonight being on their own. That is when they will feel the separation most.


Hopefully they will be tired out and sleep really well. I remember gathering all my new toys around me in bed so it didn’t feel so lonely. My bed seemed awfully big back then, but now there are bits of me that just don’t fit in it anymore! How times change.

And so to the final weights. D’artagnan added just 35g and is now 7100g. He said it was time to have a slower day for weight gain! Della is now 6980g having added 160g. She likes her food. Duchess passed the 6kg mark. She is now 6105g having added 210g. She said someone had to eat all the food yesterday. Dixie is now 5610g having added 95g and says she’s looking forward to not having to compete with the others.

When she cuddled each of them this morning, our Mistress made each of them the same promise she makes to all the puppies before they leave. If they ever need her, all they have to do is call and wherever they are she will come to them. She means it to!

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  1. I will really miss watching all the pups daily Alfie, hopefully I will see Dixie sometime when she visits her human grandparents, we are hoping to hear soon about getting one of you beautiful creatures soon xx

  2. Just wanted to wish all the puppies all the very best as they go to their new homes.
    I look forward to meeting them at the fun days. Lots of love Dickens XXXX

  3. Thank you so much Alfie for all the updates, videos and pics of the puppies. I will really miss them. Best wishes to all the pups in their new homes and of course best wishes to you, Shadow and Aristotle. I will still look forward to reading your diary daily. XXX

    • Thanks Sammi. We’re going to miss them. It already seems awfully quiet around here, but I’m sure Wilma will soon put a stop to that! Have a woofly day.

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