Saturday 21st November 2015 – 2 down 2 to go

Dixie and Della were very brave yesterday. Dixie was the first to go. She packed her little bag at about 12.30pm and said her goodbyes to all of us. Our Mistress shed a few tears but was happy to see how much Dixie was going to be loved by her new humans. She heard from

Bye Bye Dixie
Bye Bye Dixie

her later in the afternoon to say she was in her new home and settling in. She was having lots of cuddles and was happy and wagging her tail. Next up was Della. She went about half an hour after Dixie. She sent us a message to say she was home too and had had a good journey, having had rather further to travel than Dixie. Once they had gone Shadow had the choice of one of Alfie’s duck strips or

going to see the two puppies that were left. She chose the duck strips! Our Mistress was glad that Shadow wasn’t

feeling too emotional about things!

Duchess and D’Artagnan felt a little confused by everything but dealt with it very well. When they felt upset they just held paws and comforted each other. They have been quite quiet and slept a lot. This morning they wanted a big breakfast to set them up for the day ahead.

Our Mistress went to see our Master in the pantomime last night. She said they were all

very good and it was a good night. It was strange to be in the audience and not on stage. She says she hopes she might be in it again next year.

Now the packing begins so she can set off

Duchess and D'Artagnan holding paws
Duchess and D’Artagnan holding paws

this afternoon to go to collect Wilma. I’m really excited about having a new playmate and girlfriend. I hope she likes me. Alfie says he’s looking forward to the week away and especially going to see his breeder in Belgium. He’s a bit worried about how Wilma will be with him, but our Mistress says she thinks they will be fine. We shall see!

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  1. Safe journey Alfie and Rosemary. Have a lovely time Alfie. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip on your return. XX

    • Thank you. I shall keep you posted along the way. I can’t let Ari write it for that long he might get ideas! Have a woofly day.

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