Sunday 22nd November 2015 – Flying the nest

Duchess (Molly)
Duchess (Molly)

The house seemed very empty by yesterday afternoon. Duchess who is going to be called Molly packed her back at about 11.30. She was feeling a little anxious and wanted to hold on to our Mistress. Her humans are lovely so she will feel ok in no time. Alfie was disappointed when Molly left as he had taken rather a shine to her and thought she was a bit special.

When she left D’Artagnan was crying quite a lot. He was consoled by our Master and was happily curled up on the settee having been begging for a bit of a bacon sandwich by the time his humans arrived. He was funny when they picked him up and cuddled him, he was so relaxed and content that he was just gently starting to fall asleep and looked as though he was quite happy. D’Artagnan is

D'Artagnan (Leo)
D’Artagnan (Leo)

going to be called Leo, so you need to remember that for when we update you on his progress in the future.

Once they had gone our Mistress did a mad clear up and took all the rubbish to the tip so that the house would be nice and clean when she returns. She clearly didn’t trust us to do it in her absence! Anyway, she got Alfie all packed and our grandparents and we all waved them off. Our grandparents aren’t going to Switzerland but she was taking them home first and collecting our aunt to take her instead. This is getting complicated so I hope you are keeping up. Our Mistress has only gone as far as Leicester yesterday and will then start off early this morning to start the trip across the Channel and down towards Switzerland. Tomorrow night they will be meeting up with the next addition to the UK, Salvo, who is on his way back from Switzerland at the moment. He will be number 67 when he arrives on Monday. Alfie says he wants to live long enough to see number 100 arrive. I was rather hoping to be a perpetual puppy and maybe be around for number 1000!

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