Thursday 26th November 2015 – And then it snowed

And it snowed
And it snowed

Well it snowed most of the day yesterday and meant quite a bit of snow needed cleaning off the car before our trip to the vet in the afternoon. Before that we had a day with rather more dogs than I find acceptable! Although they were all girls which makes it easier. Wilma’s breeders came to see us and to hand Wilma over to me officially. She really is now my puppy. Don’t be fooled by what our Mistress might say, she’s mine even though it does not say that on the paperwork. I’m already trying to teach her what to do, although I think it’s going to be hard work. She’s getting the hang of going to the toilet when I tell her to, but try as I might she is not getting the hang of staying still. On the way back she was in the crate in the boot and I was on the back seat. I may have to reconsider that and travel where I can keep an eye on her. She had silently removed a newspaper from the other crate and shredded it without any of us hearing. I think our Mistress is thinking of moving things round in the car.

She was very good at the vet when we went to get our passports stamped ready for coming

Me and my puppy at the vet
Me and my puppy at the vet

home. She’s a girl after my own heart and happily ate all the treats that were offered and looked round for more. At the moment she weighs 13.5kg so she’s only about a third of my weight, but more than half of Shadow’s. She does remind us of Megan in lots of ways and so far they are all the good ones. I think she’s going to be very pretty when she grows up.

We are having several stops on the way home to break the journey. Today we are on our way to see another friend called Berry. It means going to a different part of Switzerland but there will be great views. It makes life much easier having our human aunt travelling with us to help. I always find having a human each to give you fuss is of benefit.

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