Friday 27th November 2015 – The journey home

Teaching Wilma bad habits
I want an inside toilet
I want an inside toilet

We got up yesterday to snow – more snow. There were several inches of snow everywhere. I was less than impressed both by having to go out to the toilet in it and the prospect of digging out the car. Ok, so I did not do the digging, but it was stressful having to think about it. We got packed up yesterday by half past ten and said our goodbyes. Wilma was last to the

car. She was a bit tearful as she’d been staying with our friends for six weeks and had grown very fond of them. She was ok once we were on the way and turned her crate into a cosy nest with her blankets. She was very good on the journey and we stopped after an hour for her to have a walk round. Then when we got to our friend’s house she had good play with their dog Berry. I was feeling a bit out of sorts and it was all a big boisterous with a young dog and a puppy, so I asked to sit in the car for a while. Then we set off north towards France and our first night stay.

It was beautiful driving through the mountains in the snow. It didn’t look real. The sorts of scenes that you have in England as Christmas decorations but think are too perfect to be genuine. Wilma was quite settled in the back. She was tired from playing with Berry. We were right at the end of the corridor in the hotel so our poor Mistress seemed to spend the whole evening walking backwards and forwards with one or other of us to take us out. Wilma curled up on her new bed immediately and was quite happy. I was a bit anxious, but nothing much.  Now we’re up and ready to go for our journey north to my homeland Belgium. I’m quite excited about showing just a little of it to Wilma.

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