Saturday 28th November 2015 – A road block

My beautiful puppy
My beautiful puppy

Yesterday we set off in beautiful (but cold) sunshine in France and then spent most of the day driving through fog. It was a good journey through some interesting places with lots of old buildings. It was all going really well until we got near the border with Luxembourg and there was a big road block that took us an hour to get through. I kept my head down, but I don’t think they were looking for me. Wilma is being very good in the car, but has chewed through her chew toy. Our Mistress says she must have very strong jaws as all the toys she’s had for puppies to chew on seem to disintegrate without her really trying. We’ve got some very strong ones when we got home so we’ll see if they are any better.

Our Mistress had planned for us to stay in a holiday apartment in the countryside of Belgium. It was sort of a good idea, but when we got there they didn’t have our booking. Fortunately no one else was staying there so it did work out ok eventually. The main problem was that it was rather tastefully done, or so our Mistress said. The stairs were glass and metal with open backs and quite steep. I found them very difficult so our Mistress had to go first and then support me down. Going up was ok. She found it hard having to carry Wilma and up and down them too.

Today we will spend most of the day in the land of my birth. I’m hoping to have time to show just a little bit of it to Wilma on our way to see my sister. I think our Mistress said we can stop at Mechelen for a walk round. It was either that or Waterloo and as our Master isn’t with us we can skip Waterloo this time!

Wilma is being very sweet and really getting the hang of washing my ears the way I like it. She wants to do everything I do, which is kind of cute but tiresome all at the same time.

We heard from Dixie. She is doing well but has had a bit of an upset tummy. We heard from Molly (Duchess) too, she is doing very well and had slept through the night and is being a good dog.

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