Tuesday 1st December 2015 – There’s going to be big trouble

Alfie, Wilma, Aristotle and Shadow
Wilma the Tortoise
Wilma the Tortoise

We are having a quiet couple of days before Wilma gets to meet Shadow and Aristotle. I’m stressed enough without adding them into the mix. Anyway, Wilma is making herself at home, although as you will see from the photo she thinks she is a tortoise. So far her main misdemeanour has been trying to help herself to the food out of my bowl in addition to her own! At least that is what I am most upset about. There is going to be big big trouble when Shadow comes home. Wilma has decided that she rather likes the great big chews that are lying around. Now to be fair, they were not all bought for Shadow. It’s just that she has claimed them all and will not share them willingly. Aristotle is occasionally allowed a little turn but only when Shadow is feeling generous and that doesn’t happen often! Wilma on the other paw says they are just perfect for her teething gums and has spent ages chewing on one today. She has decided she quite likes one of Ari’s bones too, but he won’t mind so much.

She is into everything and our Mistress needs eyes in the back of her head to keep an eye on her. She did have a little time in her crate to get her used to it before sleeping there last night and she said it wasn’t too bad. So far Wilma is most unimpressed with the English weather. It rained very heavily yesterday for hours. She still went for a walk round the village but both she and our Mistress came home dripping wet and unimpressed.  We were going out in the afternoon as well, but I said I really didn’t want to go out in that weather and our Mistress was sympathetic to that. We put all the things away from Shadow’s litter of puppies too so that we can get the office back to normal and have a log fire. That’s going to be today’s excitement. Wilma is going to the local town today for a walk round. Our Mistress has to go to post her papers to move her registration to England and to register her microchip and said it was a good opportunity for Wilma to be out and about meeting people. I’ll make the most of the peace and quiet at home while they’ve gone!

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