Wednesday 2nd December 2015 – Mud Queen

Beautiful mud monster
Beautiful mud monster

None of us have really been partial to mud. We tend to like to keep ourselves clean. Consequently for the most part our Mistress manages to stay clean too. Oh you should see her now. Wilma is a mud queen. Not content to eat it, which is a habit our Mistress is trying to discourage, she thoroughly enjoyed walking in it and then when she practiced her recall instead of coming and sitting in front of our Mistress she stretched up and put her paws on her. Needless to say she has some room for improvement! It got worse though. Our Mistress got the towel out of the car to clean her off before getting in to go home and Wilma was so enjoying being rubbed down with the towel that she rolled over onto her back to have her tummy rubbed. She rolled over on her back… in the mud! Our Mistress gave up at that point and said she would have to wait to be cleaned off at home. She says it looks very much as though our shower is going to be in regular use!

Wilma went for a walk round the nearby town too, just so she could get used to somewhere a little busier and the whole going out and about with our Mistress thing. She was very good and attentive and nothing fazes her. She’s a bit too smart and has really got the hang of which hand our Mistress holds the treats in when she’s doing training. It’s not our Mistress she is watching it’s the treat hand!

Today we have a lot of time in the car again, which won’t be much fun. Our Mistress has to go to Cambridge University for a meeting and we’re going with her. I have to look after Wilma while she’s in her meeting. I said couldn’t she take Wilma in, but apparently that is unlikely.

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  1. Maybe Wilma has to do some catching up (rolling in the mud). We had such lovely weather during the 6 weeks she was with us (and could play outside); so mayby she missed that early mud-experience. And now she’s enjoying it. In good old soggy England.

    We enjoy having daily news of Wilma. Give our thanks to Alfie and keep him doing it.

    E. & Gina

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