Friday 4th December 2015 – There was a little girl…

You may not know the rhyme

‘There is a little girl, who has a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead (said forrid)
and when she is good she is very very good and when she is bad she is horrid.’

Anyway, I think we need a new version:

There is a little girl who has a nice white blaze right in the middle of her nose
and when she is good she is very very good and when she is bad we all knows.’

Mother daughter selfie
Mother daughter selfie

Ok so maybe it doesn’t work exactly but you get the idea. On Wednesday we had to go to Cambridge for a meeting to talk about a possible research project that could help our breed. I said I’d sit in the car, but Wilma asked if she could go into the meeting. She was as good as gold all day. It took a long time to drive there and back and Wilma was as good as gold. She went for a short meeting at a coffee shop and then a two hour meeting in a Veterinary Hospital and she didn’t put a paw wrong. We came home and of course that was when she started to make up for it. Our Mistress was understanding as it had been a long day, but tipping the big water bowl all over the kitchen floor wasn’t a great start. Not sleeping through the night wasn’t good either. She cried for ages and our Mistress took her out three times. It was yesterday though that she really excelled herself. Our Mistress had decided that for her own safety she would put the puppy pen back up so Wilma could be contained while she worked but still have plenty of room to move. She decided this at 6 in the morning when Wilma wouldn’t sleep. She got the pen set up and was very pleased with the result. Wilma begrudgingly said it wasn’t too bad so our Mistress started getting on with other things. Now yesterday was a big day. Wilma was going to the paddock at the kennels to meet Aristotle and Shadow for the first time. Our Mistress went out to get the car ready and when she came back in Wilma was at the back door to greet her. She had scaled the four foot high side of the puppy pen and jumped down. Our Mistress was distraught becauase of the risk to her soft joints. She checked Wilma over and gave her a cuddle and then while she was at her desk she put her back in the pen. Wilma had got a taste for freedom and was about to climb out again. Our Mistress decided at that point that the pen would go back in the shed.

Things went very well at the kennels. She and Shadow seemed to be fine with each other and so was Ari. It only seems to be me that is not coping with the world. Oh I think Wilma is lovely, but I’m just feeling stressed. Wilma is now safely in a very big crate when our Mistress can’t keep an eye on her. She’s got some fun new toys and filled Kong that she has been sharing with Shadow through the side of the crate.

It is going to take us all a little time to work out a new normal but I think we’ll get there. I’m going to see the vet next week to talk about my anxiety levels and see if she can help. Shadow is being neutered tomorrow so she won’t be so hormonal either. Ah well. Maybe our Mistress will get a bit of sanity back eventually.

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