Saturday 5th December 2015 – Perfect Christmas Present

Wilma and me wondering if we are missing something

I know Ari is supposed to be writing today but I said I’d do it. I’ve found the perfect Christmas present to buy for my Mistress. I’m going to have to ask my Master if he’d mind making it a joint present between all of us for her, but I think he’ll agree. She has a necklace with all our pawprints on it and wants to add Wilma’s. Well when I started looking I found another site that does rings with pawprints on the outside of the ring and a message on the inside. I really want to buy one for her from me with my pawprint and a note inside of how special our relationship is. I’m really very excited about it, but it’s much more than my pocket money so I do hope my Master will help. After all, she already wears a ring that he gave her, so one from me would even things up.

Since last winter when we had mice in the loft our Mistress has been checking every week or two to make sure that all is well. She knew there must be mice up there nesting again but they seem to have been asleep and not really doing much. Anyway, when she went up this time I stood at the bottom or the loft ladder as normal and suddenly I heard a shriek! It turned out she had come across Mickey mark 2 in one of the traps and was faced with disposing of the evidence and resetting the trap. She says she should write a book of 101 uses of a dog poo bag! She was quite proud of herself even if she did feel very sad for the mouse.

Today all the Christmas decorations will be coming out and we are going to buy a tree. I think Wilma is coming to choose the tree. She’s getting to go everywhere with our Mistress at the moment and they are both really enjoying it. Yesterday on her second walk of the day Wilma met another dog and said hello and was very good while our Mistress talked to the dog’s human. Our Mistress has been surprised how few dogs they have been meeting this week, but with the weather as it has been they’ve probably got more sense than to go for a walk.

Shadow's look of disdain
Shadow’s look of disdain

Shadow’s operation went well and she’s now at home recuperating and being as quiet as possible. She is keeping to herself until she’s feeling stronger and we’ve all been told not to bother her. The photo was taken before her operation and is Shadow showing utter disdain at finding a puppy on her settee. Wilma is already saying she wants to be top dog, so we’ll have to see how that one goes. Shadow has been remarkably ok with it so far.

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