Sunday 6th December 2015 – I’m a grown-up

Hello everyone, did you miss me? Finally Alfie has said I can write to you and tell you what I think of Wilma. Everyone has concluded that I’ve grown up. They were all expecting me to want to play all the time now we’ve got Wilma but I’m really doing my best to set a good example for her. I’m not larking around and causing trouble. Ok, outside I’m happy to run around a little but I’m trying to show how to be a calm dog indoors. I can’t believe how like

Wilma with her favourite toy
Wilma with her favourite toy

Megan she is. She looks very like Megan and she has the same jet black coat, which is all silky and soft. She is full on like Megan was too, in a nice way. I think I’m going to like having her around a lot. I don’t suppose it’ll be that many days before we’re curling up together. We’re sharing a bedroom and that’s working really well. She knows that after lights out she has to stop talking and go to sleep. She does wake up and need to go out in the night but I’m ok with that as I don’t have to take her. She’s just changed the food she eats so she is on the puppy version of ours. She’s drinking more with it which is leading to more unpredictable needs to pee, but I guess that will all settle down again soon.  She loves her food and always checks our bowls to see if we’ve left any. Of course, we haven’t! We’re sharing stuff pretty well at the moment. She likes my bones and I’m happy to share them as I have quite a few. Our Mistress has been smearing some tasty paste on some of them to keep us occupied for a while. I think it’s a bit of a win:win situation to be honest.

Wilma was disappointed yesterday as there wasn’t room in the car for her to go with our Master and Mistress to get the Christmas tree. She’d really hoped she was going to choose. She liked the one they came back with though, so it wasn’t a big deal in the end. There wasn’t time to do all the decorating yesterday so that’s today’s job.

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  1. Hi Ari. Welcome back! I missed you. Glad you and Wilma are getting on well. Hope Alfie is less stressed and you all have a lovely woofy day. XX

    • I missed you too. And how cool is this. I worked out how to set up my own login so I don’t have to appear as Alfie anymore. I’ve given myself administrator rights, I’m sure Alfie won’t mind 😉

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