Monday 7th December 2015 -The Christmas Spirit

Wilma Claus
Wilma Claus

We had a quiet day yesterday. Our Mistress spent some of the day making the house look tacky with her mismatched Christmas decorations and sets of broken lights. Wilma tried on the Christmas outfit that was bought for Shadow last year but did not really fit. In fairness it wasn’t a really comfortable fit on Wilma either, but she tolerated it for a photo.

The best bit about the day was that it was dry which meant walks were a little more enjoyable than they have been. Then Ari and Wilma spent the afternoon trying to get to

know each other better. It was funny. Wilma wanted to play and Ari hid behind our Mistress to save being jumped on. You wouldn’t think it was the same dog who until only a few months ago was jumping on all the rest of us. Eventually they sat boxing our Mistress in at her desk, vying for who could get closest to her feet and the chair wheels.

In a morning Wilma needs to go out at around 5.45am. Our Mistress, with having to get up once in the night to her as well, is feeling a little tired so has been sleeping the rest of the night on the settee in the office with a duvet she leaves downstairs for that purpose. Wilma has been enjoying curling up with her and going back to sleep. I’m a bit fed up as that is usually my prerogative but if I go down I start barking and our Mistress has pointed out it’s a bit early for that. Anyway, Wilma is very good and snuggling in and going back to sleep and this morning even at 8.20 was saying she was happy to stay there a big longer. She’s a true Entlebucher. If we’ve got our human then we’ve got everything we want in the world.

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