Wednesday 9th December 2015 – Growing Very Fast

Wilma weighed in at just over 15kg yesterday. She has suddenly put on a spurt of growth and as you will have seen in now in the next size of harness and filling out nicely. She seems to get bigger by the day. She met a polar bear yesterday and wasn’t very impressed. Ok so it wasn’t a real polar bear but it did move and she did bark at it and hide behind our Mistress. In true Entlebucher style though she did come straight back out to investigate and wasn’t the least bit frightened but seemed to want to tell the polar bear she was boss. I hope she never tries that in the wild! She went to see Ari swim and had no qualms trying to join him in the shower. She is actually doing really well and so far in her training knows ‘sit’, ‘wait’, ‘come’, and is well on the way with ‘lie down’. Coming to heel is a bit more variable and she’s just learning touch and tap which is where she has to touch our Mistress’s hand with

Wilma - sit and wait
Wilma – sit and wait

the correct paw – her left to our Mistress’s right and vice versa. She learns really quickly and does enjoy her training. Our Mistress says she is going to start her with ‘stay’ in the next few days too. Oh she’s very good at going to the toilet when told to now as well, which is really useful when we go out somewhere.

I hate to say it, but I was right about my anal glands. Oh I hate the sight of the vet’s gloved hand. I know what’s going to follow and quite honestly it is not something I look forward to. I guess you men know most closely what I’m talking about, but we won’t go into that either! Anyway, I feel much better for having them sorted out. My shoulder’s not so easy though. I’ve got another lump deep under the muscle that’s causing a problem. Our vet is sending it off for analysis but thinks it’s just another fatty deposit. The other fatty lump has got much bigger and I have another lump in my neck too. Our Mistress was telling the vet all about my anxiety issues but to make it easier I demonstrated them instead. Another dog came into the waiting room when I was in the vet’s surgery and I panicked even though there was a door between us. I have to go and collect some new medication today that may help me to calm down a little. She let me go out the back way so I didn’t have to meet the dog, which I appreciated. With any luck the medicine will start to make me feel a little better soon. It has all set me thinking about how many days I work and whether I should be handing a bit more of my diary over to Aristotle or dare I say it Wilma. I did wonder with the two of them starting to get on so well, whether they might like to write some between them. It would give the female perspective as well as the male. I’m going to talk to them about it and see what they think.

Talking of the male and female perspective, our Mistress was delighted when our Master did notice the new Christmas lights and was very pleased with what she’d done. She must have done quite a good job as our neighbours have commented on them too … and not in a ‘doesn’t your house look tacky’ kind of way either! She said it was making her want even more lights, but I said she should quit while she was ahead!

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a rotten time at the vet yesterday Alfie. I hope you are feeling less stressed today. Sammi sends you lots of licks and hopes they help. XX

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