Thursday 10th December 2015 – Top 5 dog blogs

Alfie and Bella

petswag 2015Well according to we are one of the 2015 top five dog blogs in the UK. We are very grateful that they think that. You can find out what they have to say HERE. We just try to tell you what it’s like to be a dog, the good and the bad.

Shadow is feeling much better after her operation and is fed up that she can’t be around yet to put Wilma in her place. She says enforced rest is not her thing. It’s mainly so she doesn’t start running up and down stairs until she’s fully healed, but it won’t be long. She and Wilma had a chat through the gate between her room and the kitchen yesterday and I have to say it was surprisingly amicable. Wilms was even sharing her bone.

Wilma is actually very disappointed. Her trip to take part in a video tomorrow has been cancelled as our Mistress is not well. Thankfully Wilma is not the sort of dog who sulks. She just picked herself up and asked if they could set some time aside for a game of something instead. She has some outings planned next week so it’s not so bad. She did ask if I could ask you for suggested recipes0115e4f3159c42df8b6b876a70d34ab42d32d9e993 to stuff a Kong. She like the banana, but apparently she shouldn’t have too much of that. She’s less impressed with just kibble. Partly it means she gets less at her meal times and partly she said she’d like some variety so it’s really exciting. She said if you could let us have your favourite recipes to stuff Kongs maybe I could publish the best with our thoughts on what they are like. If it means I get in on the act of trying them then that has to be a good thing. For those of you who have never tried it, a stuffed Kong is a 01fe0e95edd425de7196a17116f696c64b01d29cd3devious way that humans have invented to keep us occupied. They just know we will spend hours to get the last scrap of food out of the inside. It has even induced me to sneak into Wilma’s crate when she’s not looking to see if she’s left anything. Thankfully she’s a fairly generous puppy and doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

I’ve started my new medication. Apparently it’s going to take a week or two before I start to notice a difference. I’ll let you know how they go.

I thought you’d like these photos of Wilma trying to reinvent ways to use her bed.

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  1. Congratulation Alfie a well deserved award. i read your blog everyday and wouldn’t miss it

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