Monday 14th December 2015 – May I introduce…

As Alfie is now taking Monday’s off as well you are going to have to get used to me and Wilma writing on a Monday. One of us is excited about that prospect, but then one of us is excited about just about everything. Today along with her first Kong recipe I thought I’d do a little interview with her.

Right then, Wilma, after your first couple of weeks what do you think of living with us?

017e8a752305c7526b1aa6c19fe0e1349c562c8dcc“I don’t think Shadow likes me very much. She keeps growling at me and snarling when I go near the chew that I thought our Mistress had given me.”

That was Shadow’s before it was yours. Actually more to the point, it was going to be Alfie’s but Shadow takes all the chews away from us and claims them as hers.

“She’s not very good at sharing is she? Then she tried flaunting it in front of me. What am I supposed to do?”

I think you are supposed to roll over and say ‘Oh great and mighty Shadow I know you’re the boss,’ but let’s be honest, you’re not going to do that are you?

“No, probably not. Our Mistress says she thinks I’m a natural born leader whereas Shadow does it by bullying. Bullying’s not nice is it.”

No, but let’s be honest, she’s my Mum and I’m pretty scared of her.

“Apart from Shadow I think I like living here. Our Mistress is great. I love getting into bed with her in a morning. I like working for my treats too. I know that might sound odd, but I love working. I love mud too and there’s lots of that. I seem to get into trouble when I want to bring it all home and spread it over our Mistress’s clean clothes. I like sharing a bedroom with you too. It’s comforting having another dog there at night when it’s dark. I’m trying to sleep through the night and not wake you, really I am. I’m managing to 5am now, so I’m getting better.”

Right, then, Wilma, tell us about the first recipe you’ve tried and what you think.

“Well our Mistress helped. She didn’t think we should be trusted with a grater. We mixed some natural yoghurt with a grated carrot and some kibble and then froze it. We did one without the kibble too, but I prefer it with some kibble in it. We also tried it in a bone rather than a Kong and I much preferred the bone as it was easier to get out. Being frozen it still took me a while though, so it served its purpose. I’ve asked our Mistress to buy lots more carrots so we can have some more like that. She’s rounding up all the old bones that are lying around too as they are so easy to fill.”

Well, that’s all from the kitchen today, unless I can lay by paws on the rest of the white chocolate and blueberry muffins that our Mistress made for the humans. They smell pretty good.

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  1. Hi Wilma and welcome. Enjoyed your interview with Ari. Sammi likes the sound of your recipe. She is asking me to make it for her. Hope you all have a lovely woofy and waggy tail day and Alfie enjoys his day off. xx

    • Thank you, have a woofly day. I’m busy trying a wonderful new recipe so I can’t stop. See you soon.

  2. Hi, Wilma
    I’m happy to hear that you like your new home in England and especially your Mistress. Whether you’re a “natural born bellwether” – well, I don’t know. Maybe that will show later. What’s for sure – you’re a natural born puppy that’s still is not really housebroken; and you’re as cheeky and curious and even reckless a puppy as a puppy has a right to be; be careful about the recklessness, though.
    Wilma – you are the newcomer there. I didn’t raise you to rush in where angels fear to tread. You’re “vom Rickental”!
    Remain curious – but respect the elderly (think of me when you deal with Shadow).
    They all expected you and welcomed you – so please! Don’t put me and your breeders in a bad light.
    Looking forward to your first blog,
    Your mother Susi

    • Oh Mama, I don’t mean to get into trouble, it just comes naturally. I haven’t growled at anyone, honestly I haven’t. I just try to take my chew back … and jump on tip of Shadow… and Aristotle. You know how it is. I’ll try to be good, really I will.
      Your loving daughter, Wilma.

      • Sure I know “how it is”! Who better? (I’ve got another daughter of mine living with me. Valeria. One year older than you. And I had quite a bunch of other offspring around me. I do know how it is! I know it all, my dear, be sure!)

        What I read about you is all in all no bad news; even rather promising as far as your Mistress’ comments are concerned.

        I just wanted to remind you of what I’ve already told you when you were here: Do right and fear nor dog nor man nor woman!



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