Tuesday 15th December 2015 – Hair loss

Shadow's look of disdain

Shadow is suffering badly with hair loss and she’s not happy about it. It all started as it normally would have done as a pre-season shed. The problem is that it just hasn’t stopped. She’s a tough cookie, but she is asking if she can borrow my jacket when she goes out as it’s turned a bit colder and she’s feeling it. Her undercoat, which is the extra layer that keeps us nice and warm seems to be missing altogether and her top coat is both short and thin. The vet says it may be the hormonal changes with having had a litter and now being neutered, but if it carries on they will do a blood test. Her hair doesn’t seem to be growing back at all on her operation site either, which she is not happy about. She said if she’d wanted to be a Mexican Hairless she’d have been born a different breed. I told her she looked as lovely as ever, but she didn’t seem to find that any consolation.

Aristotle looking festive
Aristotle looking festive

Our Mistress has had to resort to the doctor for antibiotics as her cold has become a chest infection. She’s fed up as that will interfere with her Helminthic Therapy and mean she can’t eat all the things she was planning to over Christmas. I looked at her expanding waistline and had the good sense not to say that might be a good thing! You should have seen how much sugar went into making the cherry fudge she made at the weekend. Even I thought that might be a step too far and I’ve got quite a sweet tooth.

My anxiety medication doesn’t seem to be working yet. I’m ok round the house unless the others get too lively, but out and about I just go into meltdown when I meet another dog. Our Mistress does her best to time my walks for the points of the day when she rarely sees anyone else, but that’s not always possible. Even I can see the problem it’s causing, so I do hope my tablets make a difference soon.

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  1. Welcome back Alfie. I hope you had a nice lazy weekend. Sorry your anxiety medication isn’t working yet. I hope it will soon. Have a happy tail wagging day. xx

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