Thursday 17th December 2015 – My girlfriend’s a cover girl

I am so proud of my girlfriend, Bella. Not only is she clever, with her search and rescue

Bella the cover girl
Bella the cover girl

training, a great mum, with her seven puppies, but she’s beautiful too and is a cover girl. It took until yesterday for our Mistress to get a copy of this month’s Dogs Monthly for me (and thank you to Dickens for telling her to try Tesco’s for it). Now I’ve got it I’m going to keep it under my pillow at nights. I did ask if I could have more than one copy so I could put her picture up downstairs as well, but our Mistress drew the line at that. I really am bursting with pride.

Wilma went with our Mistress for a meeting yesterday and was once again as good as gold sitting at our Mistress’s feet. Then she had to endure the last of the Christmas shopping, although to be fair I don’t think she found it was much of a chore as I would have done. Most of the time she sat in the car waiting to check out what our Mistress had bought. Our Mistress said it really focussed her mind for shopping, knowing that Wilma would be getting fed up waiting made her make decisions much more quickly and she got finished in no time at all. Wilma said it felt like ages, but it always does if you are the one waiting. To make up for it in the afternoon our Mistress made Aristotle play with her, which he was none too impressed about but took in good spirit. He’s grown into a lovely laid back sort of a dog who can be very tolerant when necessary. We are all excited that Wilma has a play date with a local terrier called Monty tomorrow. We’re hoping he will tire her out, but I’m guessing that could be wishful thinking on our part. They are going to the paddock at the kennels to play. He’s about the same size as she is now so they are more evenly matched. Mind you, the rate she is growing he’s going to be in for a surprise in a couple of weeks! She now weighs in at 16.75 kg and has suddenly shot up in height. She really isn’t going to be a small girl. Our Mistress says she’s perfect.

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  1. Hi Alfie. Lovely pic of you proudly showing off Bella. She is beautiful as you are handsome. You make a lovely couple. Have a lovely tail waggy day. xx

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