Friday 18th December 2015 – The First Commandment

Apparently, the first commandment is ‘Thou shalt not moult at inconvenient times’. I cannot be held responsible for the odd weather conditions. Is it me creating all the CO2? Ok, maybe just a little bit. Essentially, however, the fact that my whole undercoat seems to have decided to fall out in one go the day before we have guests arriving and to have distributed itself liberally around the house is not my fault. Our Mistress was pulling it out in handfuls when we went for a walk and she realised what was happening and then gave me a good brush when we got back, but judging by the amount that she sucked up the vacuum cleaner she was a few hours too late.

Me stealing Wilma's Kong
Me stealing Wilma’s Kong

The second commandment seems to be ‘Thou shalt not steal thy puppy’s Kong toys’. To be fair, I wasn’t that subtle. I went and stood in the big crate helping myself to the ones she had stashed there and didn’t even bother to take them out to enjoy them. It wasn’t as though she was going without at the time. Wilma was tucking into a tasty horn with a meaty paste on it, but she was most unimpressed by the general principal of the thing. I say, ‘What’s the point in my having a puppy if I can’t share all the good things she’s given?’

Wilma the Mud Monster
Wilma the Mud Monster

What I have no intention of sharing is her love of puddles. She’s unbelievable. When we go for a walk I come back clean. Wilma on the other paw tends to bring the walk back with her. So much so that the shower that our Mistress said was for us dogs, but which has not been used more than once or twice, has been cleaned out especially for Wilma. She must be the only puppy to have her very own shower, but then as she pointed out, she’s a girl and young girls care about how they look. Thankfully, she can’t reach the mirror or she’d probably be in there all day!

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