Saturday 19th December 2015 – Wilma’s Playdate

I would like to publicly thank Monty on behalf of all of us for using up some of Wilma’s energy. I’d especially like to say a personal thank you as I seem to be the one allocated the job of chief entertainer. Alfie gets away with it, claiming old age. Shadow gets away with it, claiming she’d hurt her. Me, soft cuddly old me, I can’t find an excuse. Consequently every day for some of the time our Mistress insists I come into the office to play with Wilma. She scares me. She’s so… so… oh I don’t know what the words are, but she’s so happy! She loves playing and playing and playing. Oh I know a few months ago I might have thought that it was a good idea, but that was then and there wasn’t an annoying puppy around… leaving me aside and I didn’t think I was annoying then. So thanks Monty, you’re a start and we really hope she hasn’t put you off.

Wilma and Monty
Wilma and Monty

We’re having our first family Christmas weekend this weekend. It’s great. Not only are our maternal human grandparents and aunt here, but there is loads of food and most of it is dog friendly. Our Mistress tries to think of us when she’s planning the menus. Ok so we aren’t allowed the blueberry and white chocolate muffins, but the scones don’t have dried fruit in and we are all having some turkey later. Of course, we won’t be having the turkey skin as that has too high a fat content and could give us pancreatitis, but we’ll get some veg to go with our turkey; although in the interest of being able to live together there are no sprouts! That is unless you count the game of ‘tiddly sprouts’ that comes with the Christmas crackers. It’s like tiddly winks but you have to imagine your counters are sprouts and you are shooting them onto a dinner plate. It’s safe to say I will never fully understand humans!

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