Sunday 20th December 2015 – Santa and Special Guests

Alfie and Shadow walking together.
Alfie and Shadow walking together.

I’ve begged and begged to go to the village green later to see Santa and his special friends. I’m not supposed to be telling you who they are, but one of them is probably called Rudolph! I think Wilma may be going but as our Mistress is doing some of the organising she’s said she can’t possibly take all of us. She also pointed out that I did get to see Santa when I was a puppy so it was Wilma’s turn.

I had to go for a walk with Wilma yesterday and I have to say it was an ordeal. She insisted on jumping on my in excitement every few yards, which would have been bad enough in dry conditions, but given she ran through every puddle in between jumps and even went back for a puddle she had missed, you can only begin to imaging what state I was in by the end of it. She had to go in the shower again but I refused. I’ll accept being showered at the swimming pool, but that’s enough for me. Our Mistress says that Wilma is going to have to get used to being showered if she is going to make a habit of going through all the mud.

My what a handsome chap I am
My what a handsome chap I am

Alfie says he thinks his medication is working. He’s had a lovely walk with Shadow the last two days and said he even enjoyed her company, which is great news. He hasn’t barked so much either for which our Mistress is grateful. After the Christmas dinner yesterday he and I were happy to chill out on the settee with the family. Although strictly speaking it was one of his days off, he’d been running by me ideas for his Christmas message for this year  and discussing what we should write for a New Year message. I think after all the thinking he was a bit tired.

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  1. Lovely picture of you Ari you are almost as handsome as Alfie. Love the pic of Alfie chilling. He looks so relaxed. Wilma sounds just like my Sammi when she was a pup enjoying the muddy puddles. In fact she still has puppy moments now and again. Hope you get to see Santa today and you all have a tail waggy day. xx

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