Tuesday 22nd December 2015 – Can you keep a secret?

2015-12-21 Alfie's ring 010I do hope you can all keep a secret for at least a few days, because I really had to share with you what I’ve bought my Mistress for Christmas. When I say ‘I’ it is a joint present with my Master as I couldn’t afford it on my own. It’s a ring from the wonderful www.pawprintjewellery.co.uk They do lots of other things, so maybe the others can get her something from them sometime, but this was about me wanting to do something special. On the outside it has my left and right pawprints alternating around the ring and on the inside it says ‘Alfie – my soulmate and best friend’ because that’s what she thinks I am. I just know she’s going to cry and I can’t wait to give it to her and see if it fits ok. The company does some really cool necklaces and bracelets too and you can have your pawprint or a picture or even some of your hair in it too. Do you think she’s going to like it? You won’t tell her will you?

Wilma is growing so fast. She is going to be quite big compared with Shadow. In fact she’s going to look very like Megan and our Mistress just seems to love her more and more each day. I do feel my nose is a little out of joint about it, but Wilma is so happy and affectionate to all of us that it’s hard to take offence. Especially when I can steal her filled bones when she’s moved on to something else! I’m not ready to go for walks with her, I’ll leave that to Aristotle. Having a 2015-12-21 Alfie's ring 007muddy puppy jump on me is something I am not prepared for at my age. To be honest, I thought my medication was working as I was a lot happier towards the end of last week, but then over the weekend my shoulder started hurting again and I have to confess to being more than a little grouchy with everyone. Grandpa was very good with me and calmed me down a bit, but I’d be happier if I felt ok.

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  1. A lovely present Alfie I’m sure your mistress will love it. Have the tissues handy! Have a lovely tail waggy day. xx

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