Thursday 24th December 2015 – Dear Santa Paws

Wilma has asked if she can include her letter to Santa Paws and being a softie I said yes, so here it is.

Dear Santa Paws,

Our Mistress was telling us about seeing a homeless person when she was out on Tuesday with his dog cuddled up to him under a blanket. She said that if she were ever homeless she thought I’d be a perfect dog to be by her side. Anyway, it made me think of all those poor dogs that live with their humans on the streets. I’m really lucky, I get plenty to eat and a nice warm bed. In fact, I’ve got more than one bed of my very own. Santa Paws, what I wondered was could you maybe go round and give a little bit of food to each and every dog that sleeps with their humans on the streets and maybe an extra blanket for them to share with their humans too?

p.s. if it helps I’ve really tried to be good.



Me and my puppy
Me and my puppy

I’m not sure what I can add to that. I was going to ask for a few treats and things, but that seems awfully selfish now. She’s rather taken the wind out of my sails on the being selfish front. I think I may just go and lie in my comfortable bed and think about what I need to do to become a better dog. I think I’m rather proud of my little puppy for being such a generous girl. She’s even been happy to share her toys and treats with me even though I’ve been grumpy most of the time. Maybe I should make it my New Year’s resolution to be more like my puppy. I know our Mistress says that humans should aim to be more like dogs, but maybe they should all try to be like Wilma and greet everything with the same happy disposition and have affection for everyone.

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    • Thank you, Granny. I don’t need anything, really I don’t, but it’s a nice thought.
      Love Wilma

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