Friday 25th December 2015 – Alfie’s Christmas Message

IMG_2485A very happy Christmas to all of you, both canine and human and even the cats out there too. I thought that today was a good day to bring you an important Christmas message. Today I am especially talking to all the puppies out there, particularly those of you who have been given new humans for Christmas.

It is very important to remember that a human is for life and not just for Christmas. I know it’s easy when the magic of Christmas has worn off to feel disillusioned. The times when the little extra titbits under the table have given way to the realisation that your new human snores very loudly and disturbs your sleep. The times when giving you new beds and blankets gives way to expecting you to fetch their slippers. It’s hard when you realise they plan to go out and leave you behind or even to go on holiday or away for the weekend without you. These are times that all of us feel a pang of sadness and doubt our commitment to them. However, when you take on a human you take on a life long commitment to servitude and subservience. You promise to follow them everywhere and do their bidding. You even promise to be happy to see them in any and every circumstance, no matter that they ignored you in favour of the cat the last time they came home.

Taking responsibility for a human is not something that every dog is prepared for, but if you do it then you must stick to what you have done. Forgive them for the times they spill something on the floor and you accidentally walk in it. At those time just quietly help them clean it up. If they make loud noises that disturb you don’t be cross with them. Just remember they are humans and they do things like that, often after too much alcohol. If they choose clothes that clash with your coat or call you names that are frankly demeaning, just turn the other cheek and lick them. They will get things wrong a lot of the time. They will expect you to understand commands they haven’t taught you. They will use ‘Wait’ when they mean ‘Stay’ and ‘Down’ when they mean ‘Off’. Just remember they are not as bright as we are and get confused. Don’t give up on them. They may not tell you often or even show it, but they need you and without you they would be lost.

It is essential that you understand that a human is for life and not just for Christmas, so be tolerant with them and patient with their mistakes. Train them as best you can. The better you train them the easier they are to live with.

Remember we were there at the start with the shepherds. Who was left minding the sheep while they all wandered off to Bethlehem? We might not get the recognition we deserve, but it’s still our duty to provide our faithful services.

And of course, do enjoy all the good things of Christmas too. A very happy Christmas to you and all your families from me, Alfie, and Shadow, Aristotle and Wilma too.

(Oh yes, and Wilma wanted to send a special message to her mum too as it’s her first Christmas away from home. She says she loves you very much and hopes you are having a happy Christmas and not missing her too badly. She has seen that you have her brother staying and she wishes she could be there to play too.)

Love from


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  1. Happy Christmas Alfie, Ari, Shadow and Wilma. Have a lovely tail waggy and woofy day. Love Gill and Sammi xx

  2. A very merry Christmas Alfie to you and yours, it was very nice to meet you and your mistress back in November, we are looking forward to bringing our new puppy Astro home in two weeks, and hopefully we will see you all at the fun day, have a lovely day ?

  3. Merry Christmas to you all. Your Christmas message is brilliant and I think it should go on the TV like the Queen`s one. I have just had a run in the fields so time for a rest before presents and lunch, I cannot wait.
    Lots of love Dickens and all my family , woof, woof XXXXXXX

  4. Dear Wilma
    As your mother I’m naturally extremely interested in your life in England, and I therefore switch on the computer at 6:59, to read the latest (or first?) news.
    My day is newly structured since you’ve arrived in England: Get up, stretch, shake, brush my teeth (well…), rush down the stairs, push open the doors to the garden, get the most pressing business behind me, and then rush up again, and switch on the computer…
    I like what Alfie wrote today. Although I doubt that his sermon reaches anydog who really needs it … And I hope you’re not among them needy ones.
    We have nice and dry weather here (you would miss the mud). We’ve had no serious rain for weeks. So what we four dogs bring home is mostly dust other more or less dry matter – what our Mistress calls “clean dirt” (although it adds up to quite a quantity each day).
    Wilma, you’re well liked at your new home, it seems. That’s not something to be sure of when joining a new pack. So please remember being from the “Rickental” – and act accordingly.
    Love. And a joyful Christmas to all of you up there.
    Your mum, Susi.

    • Oh Mama how lovely to hear from you. I woke up this morning with my head on my Mistress’s pillow next to my Mistress. She was as pleased to see me as I was her. It was because she slept on the settee with me last night because I was too excited to sleep. Now Alfie is letting me chew on his bone and I’m very happy. He says our Mistress can fill it with some other things for me so I can have it all to myself.
      Have a lovely Christmas. All my love
      Your dutiful daughter

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