Saturday 26th December 2015 – Happy Birthday Master

Me checking out the presents
Me checking out the presents

As if yesterday was not enough excitement we’ve got my Master’s birthday today. It means the humans are doing more eating and drinking and we will of course be helping. We don’t get any presents to open today, but we did all that yesterday. Our Mistress has promised me a replacement filling in my bone as I let Wilma have a lot of it yesterday. When I say ‘let’ it was more that I turned my back

Wilma preferring cardboard

for a moment and there it was… gone! Anyway, it turned out she was just as happy with the roll from the inside of the kitchen foil as she was with her reindeer, so she was easily pleased.

My Mistress was delighted with the ring from me and my Master. I’ll show you those photos another day. She was also pleased with the earrings that Wilma bought her and the other little presents Wilma had chosen. Shadow and Aristotle are spending a couple of days in the peace and quiet of the kennels as we have visitors at the moment and it can all get a bit much. It’s

a shame as James will be here today and he was originally Shadow’s human when she came to live her. She is going to be so upset that we have seen him and she hasn’t . It’s no good trying to hide the fact either as she will be able to smell that he has been here and I just know she’s going to be looking everywhere for him.

Wilma was delighted to hear from her mother yesterday. Afterwards she was a bit quiet and said she still missed her. I can understand that. I still miss my Mum and I left home nearly ten years ago. At least Aristotle is spending Christmas with his mum even though Shadow hasn’t had any contact with either of her parents since she left home at 8 weeks old. Sometimes it’s hard being a dog.

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