Saturday 2nd January 2016 – What is it with girls?

It’s Aristotle here. We’re back to normal with Alfie taking the weekend off. I’m non-plussed. What is it about me and girls? They’ve always gone for me, I mean in a good way, but I have no idea why. Ok so everyone tells me I’m a handsome dude, but that’s humans for you and I’m talking about dogs. I don’t want you to think I’m complaining, or that I don’t like it. It’s just a bit confusing to have all the girls think I’m something special when I’m just trying to go about my business.

Wilma the mud monster
Wilma the mud monster

To be fair, being idolised by Wilma is hard going. She shows it in ways that are not always helpful. She shares her mud with me when we go walking together, and that’s something I can well do without. The bit our Mistress is not appreciating is when we play together. When Wilma plays with Alfie nothing seems to go wrong. When she plays with me, sometimes she gets so excited that she wets herself. She has a tendency to pee as she walks, which until now I thought was a boy thing, but that just distributes the problem around. We’re only allowed to play now straight after Wilma has been out to the toilet and then not for too long. The last straw came when our Mistress was trying to get ready to go out and Wilma peed on the settee that our Mistress had just washed the cover from. It’s funny too because we play different games than she plays with Alfie. With Alfie it is almost always tug. With me it is wrestling. She’s tried challenging me to mud wrestling but I’ve told her I’m not up for that as I don’t like getting dirty. Where Wilma’s concerned mud is just an everyday thing.

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