Sunday 3rd January 2016 – Trying to be good

please let me climb up

Yesterday was one of those days. Our Mistress has bronchitis and hadn’t had a good night. She asked us all if we would mind keeping the noise levels downs as she had a headache from all the coughing. I tried explaining to Wilma that she needed to play quietly but her definition of quiet is not quite we our Mistress had in mind. This is a short video extract from the day HERE.

We did manage to go for a walk, but it was rather slower than usual, which I didn’t mind. Come to that Wilma enjoyed herself as it gave her more time to go in all the puddles and she came back soaking wet. You wouldn’t believe how much rain we seem to be having. I can’t work out where it’s all coming from. Surely it has to stop eventually or it’s going to run out!

please let me climb up
please let me climb up

The afternoon was quieter but Wilma kept wanting to get onto our Mistress’s knee while she was working at the desk. Our Mistress has tried explaining that she’s really a bit too big for that, but you know what we’re like. We like to be close to our humans and if that means sharing the seat they’re on then no matter how small it is, or the fact that being on casters we end up pushing it round the room, we’re prepared to give it a try. Wilma is really getting quite big. Our Mistress is looking forward to taking her to swimming when we go on Tuesday so that she can put her on the scales and weigh her. Wilma’s asked if we can get the measuring stick out to see how tall she is. She wants to know if she’s reached the height she has to be to pass her breeding test yet. Our Mistress explained that she had a long time left to do her growing so there was no rush, but then she remembered when she was a child and all the marks on the kitchen wall where she kept wanting to be measured. I think there are still marks between the tiles at our grandparents’ house from all those years ago now. I said we could mark Wilma’s progress on the kitchen wall here, but our Mistress seemed less keen on that idea.

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  1. Wilma dear, please be respectful against your mistress and stop squeaking when she’s got a headake. I taught you to be a good girl (with moderate success, I guess…). As for the height: Please ask your mistress again to make signs on the kitchen wall, I find this a good idea, but politely! Our holiday-guest Winston – your very well-behaved brother! – has gone to visit our vet last week, just to say hello, and there he was weighed: he has 18 kg and seems to be a normally developping doggy. So go on behaving yourself, won’t you! Love – your mummy Susi.

    • Oh dear, Mama, I think I might weigh more than Winston. I’m getting awfully big. I’m not overweight, I promise. I don’t think I’m as well-behaved as my brother, but I do have a lot of fun. I will ask if I can mark my height in the kitchen again. It would be fun.
      Love from
      Your devoted daughter

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