Tuesday 5th January 2015 – A bond of friendship

Me and Wilma

Well after my weekend off I finally need to get round to updating you on how much my Mistress likes the ring that I bought her with my Master’s help. She wears it all the time on the other hand from the wedding ring that my Master gave her. She has promised to wear it always to remind her of the bond that she and I have. She says I am the whole reason we now have a house full of Entlebuchers and why she has got so involved with the breed. IMG_2527Until I came into her life she had never imagined she would become a dog breeder or that she would ever know so much about a breed, but I changed all that. I was the tenth of my breed registered in this country and our Mistress couldn’t bear the thought that if anything happened to me she wouldn’t be able to have another. That was eight years ago this month. Now there are 68 of us in the country and another one arriving in three weeks time. There are possibly four matings taking place in this country this year and for the first time there will be a mating between a UK born girl and UK born stud dog. Now obviously there are other people working within the breed but without me my Mistress wouldn’t have done her bit. It makes me very proud to think that. Of course, it doesn’t make me any better behaved but it does make me proud! This is a picture of her wearing the ring – or at least of her hand. Anyway thank you to Pawprint Jewellery – we both love it and I’m sure it won’t be the last thing we buy from you, if my pocket money will stretch that far. Wilma already thinks she should have got pawprint earrings instead of ordinary ones for our Mistress so maybe that will be next year.

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