Wednesday 6th January 2015 – A bad influence

Aristotle and Wilma

Our Mistress is accusing Aristotle of being a bad influence oh my puppy. As you will see from the photograph she is rather coping everything he does. That’s not so bad when it’s the good things, but climbing on the chair to bark at the neighbours at the bottom of the garden is rarely seen as good. To be fair when he actually agrees to go into the office to play with her, they do seem to have a lot of fun together and he does manage to tire her out. It’s a trade off, half an hour of zoomies between the settee and the window in exchange for half an hour of peace and quiet. It’s a price we’re willing to pay!

We did all get out for walks yesterday, although our Mistress is still rather slow in moving and coughing quite a bit, but she will be better as the medicine kicks in. I didn’t actually walk, I went swimming and if I’m being honest if it weren’t for the annoying puppy trying to get in the pool with me, I’d have quite enjoyed it. Wilma is just itching to get in. It’s quite funny really. She wouldn’t need a helping hand to persuade her. She did get on the scales while we were there. It was funny as I was good and got straight on to them as I realised there would be a biscuit going begging, but apparently our Mistress didn’t particularly need to know my weight. I did it so nicely that she did give me a biscuit. Wilma was good too. However, I have news for her ‘little’ brother Winston! Your sister is 19.75 kilos. She doesn’t have any spare fat on her but our Mistress is going to reduce her food a little as she doesn’t want her growing quite so fast. You can imaging what Wilma had to say about that. On the plus side our Mistress says she is likely to work even harder at her training to earn her treats.

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